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I    have    started    to    process    of    redesigning    the    site
pages   and   display   of   photos.      Because   of   the   large
number    of    pages    and    the    volume    of    photos    this
work   will   take   some   time.   Apologies   in   advance   for
broken links and missing pages. It will all be worth it.
Latest photos
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23-02-2020    New    photos    added    thanks    to    David
McNeil and David Young.
21-01-2020   Some   new   photos   uploaded   to   the   Photo
Gallery   by Joe Jones.
31-12-2019   Two   new   photos   of   Wessex   Junior   School
added    to    the    Photo    Gallery        thanks    to    Richard
12-12-2019   New   photos   added   to   the   Photo   Gallery  
by    Val    Northmore    from    her    time    in    Singapore    in
1957-58 at Alex Sec School and the Naval Base.
18-11-2019   Some   photos    of   the   Singapore   Schools
Reunion held at the Chandos Pub, London.
29-09-2019   New   Photo   Gallery    album   added   of   the
Birmingham   Reunion,   held   on   the   27th   September
15-09-2019   New   photos   added   to   the   Photo   Gallery  
of   the   Newcastle   Singapore   Schools   Reunion,   held   on
the 14th September 2019.
25-08-2019   Alexandra   Grammar   School   class   photo
1961-2   from   Michael   Hennessy   added   to   the   Photo
Dates for your Diary
Reunions    planned    for    during    2020,    for    ex-students    of    BFES
Schools, Singapore.
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For further information and to be kept up to date on reunions, please ensure that the Singapore Schools Reunion has your current email address by filling in the form below.
BFES Singapore Schools Reunions
Singapore Schools – Virtual Reunion
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Update from Lynne Copping of Singapore Schools
Happy   New   year   to   you,   I   hope   that   you   all   had   a   good   Xmas   and
new year.
We   had   a   very   good   mini   reunion   last   month   when   a   few   of   us
decided    to    go    on    a    Portsmouth    harbour    trip    to    see    the    new
aircraft carriers, with a meal in the Royal Maritime Club.
The   Singapore   reunion   is   being   planned,   with   possibly   going   out
on   the   10th   November   2020   for   a   few   days   and   having   lunch   in
the   former   St   John's   school   (now   the   UWCSEA)   on   Friday   13th,      it
won't   matter   if   you   never   went   to   that   particular   school,   they   are
just happy to host us.
We   will   then   go   on   to   Penang   and   have   a   barbeque   on   Saturday
21st   November   and   return   to   the   UK,   possibly   via   Kuala   Lumpur
about the 24th or 25th November.
These   dates   are   quite   flexible,   those   that   want   to   spend   longer   in
Singapore   can   do   so,   you   can   fly,   bus   or   train   to   Penang   and   meet
us there if you want to spend longer in Singapore.
Once   we   have   booked   our   tickets   and   hotels   I   will   let   you   know
what   we   are   doing,   so   that   you   can   come   on   the   same   flights   as   us
(or   choose   different   ones   if   you   get   a   better   deal),   the   same   with
hotels   -   stay   in   the   same   one   as   us   or   choose   a   different   one   if   it
suits you better.
As   far   as   Penang   goes,   we   will   be   in   the   Bayview   Beach   hotel,   Batu
Ferringhi,   which   will   give   us   a   good   rate,   as   we   have   been   there
quite a few times now.
I   think   that   the   flight   prices   for   November   may   be   out   now,   so   we
will   be   doing   a   bit   of   research,   and   once   we   have   a   firm   plan   I   will
let you know it.
Looking forward to seeing you on that aeroplane,