Memories of Singapore - Internet Boadcasts - page 2

Two   video   slideshows   featuring   the   photos   of   Maurice   Hann,   a   former teacher   at   Bourne   School,   and   Angela   Mack.     Also   an   interview   with Tony     Taucher     who     organises     the     annual     Scottish     Reunions     at Grantully
Dave   Jordan   of   the   'The   Hellions'   will   be   chatting   to   Steve   Barry   about the   music   scene   and   groups   in   early   60s   Singapore.   Plus   the   premier of three special videos produced by Dave Jordan.
In   this   edition   we   chat   to   John   Bell   about   his   athletic   competitions   in Singapore.   Also   two   video   slideshows   featuring   photos   contributed   to the website by Tim Brown and Ric Faulkner.
In this broadcast we talk to Mike Dowsett about the Barracudas Swimming Club, Sussex Estate and much more. The two video slideshows feature photos from Monika Brewster who attended St. Johns School, and Ron Brown, based at RAF Tengah.
This show has an interview with Dan Foo, whose father owned the Halfway House in Bukit Timah. Plus two video slideshows, one which may interest those at Kinloss House in 1960/61 and one for those at St. Johns 1967/69.
Dave Roberts talks about his time at RAF Changi and his work with the Changi Youth Club 1963 to 1966. Also featuring 2 video slideshows produced by Dave Roberts of the Changi Youth Club.